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Printable Instructions and Tips
Hydralert Installation Instructions
Follow the simple steps below to install the Hydralert. Click on the corresponding picture to the left for a more detailed  look at each step.
  1. Spread apart the sensor unit just enough to slide it over the cap, and position it on the bladder.
  2. Position the sensor according to the level at which you would like to be alerted. A sensor positioned such as the one to the left would give an alert at about 1/2 liter remaining in a 3 liter bladder.
  3. The example to the left is positioned so that the alert would occur with about 2 liters remaining in the same 3  liter bladder.
  4. If you are using a small, narrow bladder such as the one shown, position the sensor at an angle to make loading the bladder  into your pack easier.
  5. Once the position is decided, be sure the bladder surface is clean. Remove the adhesive covers on both sensor elements. Press firmly to ensure adhesion to the bladder.
  6. Secure the cable to the hose with the cable ties provided.
  7. Clip the pendant anywhere along the hose that is convenient. Plug the cable connector into the display pendant. Test for proper operation by pushing the test button and listening for a beep and illumination of the LED.